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Exploring Curriculum: Performative Inquiry, Role Drama, and Learning

Author: Lynn Fels & George Belliveau
Copyright: 2008
ISBN: 9781895766844
Format: Paper, 288 PP, 6.75 x 9.75

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This is a book for teachers, pre-service teachers, teacher educators, and curriculum developers who want to bring collaboration, research, critical thinking, and creativity into their classrooms. Performative inquiry brings drama into the classroom to deepen subject understanding as well as strengthen integrated learning between subject areas.

Learning though drama is a way for students and teachers to go beyond the classroom—to explore issues surrounding topics such as social justice, community, and the environment in an empowering and applicable way. Students and teachers learn together in context and this learning is meaningful.

The authors build a solid theoretical framework for using performative inquiry by examining learning and curricular theory. They delve into educational research to show how drama and other arts activities are effective strategies for learning across the curriculum. And they present six classroom-tested role dramas that teachers can use now or adapt for their classrooms. Finally, they provide a substantial assessment section along with instructions explaining how teachers can create their own role dramas.

Dr. Lynn Fels is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University and Dr. George Belliveau is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia. They have both led numerous workshops with teachers and students of all ages on using drama in the classroom and their work and research has been widely published. Lynn Fels is the co-ordinating editor of Educational Insights and George Belliveau has worked on more than fifty theatre productions as an actor or director.

Table of Contents

1. First Flight into Performative Inquiry

2. Curricular Explorations through Performative Inquiry

3. Sunnyvale Community Development

4. Acadia: A Journey into the Past

5. Performing Poetry: Multimedia Expressions

6. Planning the Olympics: Behind the Scenes

7. Fish Farming: Swimming in Shallow Waters

8. Journey to Planet X

9. Designing Role Dramas

10. A Question of Evaluation

11. Reflection: The Authors Engage in a Final Debriefing Circle

Appendix A: How to Engage Your Students in Role Drama

Appendix B: Drama Playkit

Appendix C: Two-Page Outlines of Each Role Drama

Appendix D: Forms and Overheads

Appendix E: A Brief Acadian History