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MathWorks 11 Workbook

MathWorks 11 Workbook

Author: Katharine Borgen
Copyright: Pacific Educational Press
ISBN: 9780986714139
Format: Soft Cover, 384 PP, 8.5 x 11

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This Workbook offers differentiated learning strategies and mirrors the Student Resource. Contents include: review questions, practice problems, worked solutions, alternate solutions and mini-lessons. A reproducible version is also available to schools.


Table of Contents

How to Use this Book

1 Slope and Rate of Change

1.1 Rise Over Run

1.2 Grade, Angle of Elevation, and Distance

1.3 Rate of Change

Chapter Test

2 Graphical Representations

2.1 Broken Line Graphs

2.2 Bar Graphs

2.3 Histograms

2.4 Circle Graphs

Chapter Test

3 Surface Area, Volume, and Capacity

3.1 Surface Area of Prisms

3.2 Surface Area of Pyramids, Cylinders, Spheres, & Cones

3.3 Volume and Capacity of Prisms and Cylinders

3.4 Volume and Capacity of Spheres, Cones, & Pyramids

Chapter Test

4 Trigonometry of Right Triangles

4.1 Solving for Angles, Lengths, and Distances

4.2 Solving Complex Problems in the Real World

Chapter Test

5 Scale Representations

5.1 Scale Drawings and Models

5.2 Two-Dimensional Representations

5.3 Three-Dimensional Representations

Chapter Test

6 Financial Services

6.1 Choosing an Account

6.2 Simple and Compound Interest

6.3 Credit Cards and Store Promotions

6.4 Personal Loans, Lines of Credit, and Overdrafts

Chapter Test

7 Personal Budgets

7.1 Preparing to Make a Budget

7.2 The Budgeting Process

7.3 Analyzing a Budget

Chapter Test




Teacher’s Solution Manual: The MathWorks 11 Workbook Solutions Manual CD, showing fully worked solutions to all of the problems in the workbook, is now available from Georgetown Terminal Warehouse.

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