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MathWorks 11

Authors: Christa Bedwin, Katharine Borgen, Angela Kaisser, Mark Healy, Michael Pruner, Paul Salvatore, and David Sufrin
Copyright: 2011
ISBN: 9781895766929
Format: Hard Cover, 365 PP, 8 x 10

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MathWorks 11 is designed to meet the needs of students enrolled in the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol (WNCP) Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics program. The only authorized resource for Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics, MathWorks 11 addresses 100% of the learning outcomes described in the WNCP Common Curriculum Framework for Grades 10-12 Mathematics.

MathWorks 11 was created to help students make a connection between what they learn in school and the real world of work. Each chapter contains many features designed to engage students, build knowledge, and help them develop reasoning, visualization, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.


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MathWorks 11 Test Bank Preview (in PDF format)

Table of Contents

How to Use this Book

1 Slope and Rate of Change

1.1 Rise Over Run

Puzzle It Out: The Bermuda Triangle

1.2 Grade, Angle of Elevation, and Distance

The Roots of Math: The Spiral Tunnels of Kicking Horse Pass

1.3 Rate of Change

2 Graphical Representations

2.1 Broken Line Graphs

2.2 Bar Graphs

2.3 Histograms

The Roots of Math: Graphing: Inspired by the Bubonic Plague

2.4 Circle Graphs

Puzzle It Out: Coin Conundrum

3 Surface Area, Volume, and Capacity

3.1 Surface Area of Prisms

3.2 Surface Area of Pyramids, Cylinders, Spheres, & Cones

The Roots of Math: Archimedes’ Contributions to Suface Area Calculations

3.3 Volume and Capacity of Prisms and Cylinders

Puzzle It Out: Cube

3.4 Volume and Capacity of Spheres, Cones, & Pyramids

4 Trigonometry of Right Triangles

4.1 Solving for Angles, Lengths, and Distances

Puzzle It Out: Stained Glass Sailboat

4.2 Solving Complex Problems in the Real World

The Roots of Math: Navigation in History

5 Scale Representations

5.1 Scale Drawings and Models

5.2 Two-Dimensional Representations

Puzzle It Out: The Inequality Game

5.3 Three-Dimensional Representations

The Roots of Math: Technical Illustrations

6 Financial Services

6.1 Choosing an Account

6.2 Simple and Compound Interest

The Roots of Math: The Canadian Dollar

6.3 Credit Cards and Store Promotions

Puzzle It Out: Who Has What?

6.4 Personal Loans, Lines of Credit, and Overdrafts

7 Personal Budgets

7.1 Preparing to Make a Budget

7.2 The Budgeting Process

7.3 Analyzing a Budget

Puzzle It Out: The Disappearing Dollar

The Roots of Math: The Origins of the Electronic Spreadsheet


Answer Key




  • Chapter Projects: Each chapter contains a project in which students apply mathematical concepts in a real-world scenario.
  • Math on the Job: Profiles of working Canadians within each chapter highlight the importance of math in the workplace and how it is specifically used in a selection of jobs.
  • Explore the Math: These lessons contain a brief explanation of the mathematical ideas being considered and connect the ideas to the real-world contexts in which they are applied.
  • Discuss the Ideas: These contextual problems build on the core mathematical ideas in each section. The problems can be worked on in pairs or small groups and emphasize communication and connections.
  • Mental Math and Estimation: Realistic situations are provided for students to use their mental math or estimation skills to arrive at a solution.
  • Activities: Hands-on activities provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively in realistic contexts.
  • Build Your Skills: Practice problems in each chapter enable students to build their mathematical skills and gain confidence in their ability to strategize solutions.
  • Extend Your Thinking:  These extension questions are in-depth problems that students solve once they have completed the Build Your Skills questions.
  • Puzzle It Out: Each chapter contains a puzzle or game that reflects the mathematical ideas in the chapter and offers a lighthearted approach to mathematical problem solving.
  • The Roots of Math: Students are introduced to the history of math through short essays related to the chapter's focus.
  • Reflect on Your Learning: Summaries of chapter concepts offer students an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned.
  • Practice Your New Skills: Students complete each chapter by working through a series of problems that synthesize their learning.


Brochure: MathWorks 11 Brochure

Order Form: MathWorks 11 Order Form

Teacher Resource Book: This comprehensive resource includes teaching strategies, complete worked solutions, alternative solutions, sample chapter tests, graphic organizers, Blackline Masters, ideas for assessment, and much more.

Student Resource CD: A PDF version of the text. Site licences are also available for this resource. See pricing in attached order form.

Teacher Resource CD: The Teacher Resource in a digital format with hyperlinks, searchable text, and printable Blackline Masters.

Student Workbook: A separate consumable resource for students. The Workbook will offer differentiated learning strategies and mirrors the Student Resource. Contents include: review questions, practice problems, worked solutions, alternate solutions and mini-lessons. A reproducible version is also available to schools.

Student Workbook Answer Key: Short answers available in PDF form here.

Student Workbook Solutions Manual: A full solutions manual will be available in a print and PDF version.

Test Bank: An ExamView Test Bank is now available offering quizzing and testing possibilities with multiple question types and a range of difficulty levels.  NEW: for schools who have already ordered a copy of the test bank we have reworked all of the colour graphs into black and white versions for those of you who rely on black and white printers/copiers.  Email for your password.  Click on the links below to open and then download these files:

Section 2.1 Broken Line Graphs

Section 2.2 Bar Graphs

Section 2.3 Histograms

Section 2.4 Circle Graphs

Section 7.3 Analyzing a Budget

If you need any additional help you may also find our Testbank Tips useful.

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